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Born and raised in Florida with fondest recollections of waking up to the scent of morning dew and fresh cut grass in the air is embedded in Kim’s childhood memories.  On breezy days, the family’s sailboat would set sail, and together they would create beautiful memories exploring the waters of Florida along with holidays and summers were spent with family in Charleston, South Carolina on a beautiful sprawling farm.



As a young girl, Kim Spadaro together with her sister Karen and mother, Barbara would venture into their own aesthetic world, experimenting with essential oils, herbs and floral essences picked from their home grown garden. Together they would create beauty concoctions and olfactory compositions. Wonderstruck at the thought of traveling the globe, she would lie on the grass searching the blue skies for planes, with dreams to travel to faraway places. Her young imagination would create love stories of ancient romances.

Since then, she has been seduced by colorful sunsets over the Mediterranean, romanced by cobblestones streets in ancient cities, lured by architecture structures, enticed by delicious foods throughout the world and spiritually touched by Cathedrals and Mosques. In search for inspiration she learned to capture the serendipity of the moment in places that held unexpected sights, smells, sounds and taste, which sealed her destiny to create beautiful fragrances inspired by her travels. Her amusement with these compositions expanded into what Spadaro House of Fragrances presently represents.



Inspired by the love of humanity and cultures throughout, Kim honors those less fortunate and contributes every year, a portion of her year end sales to a different charity that has inspired her during that time. The Spadaro Foundation was developed when Kim received boundless amount of encouragement, love and strength, while her mother battled brain cancer and her new company evolved. This Foundation is a tribute to her mother, her fire and light.

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