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Bali, Indonesia



BALI, the mysterious Island of the Gods and a Thousand Temples, is a distant and exotic world that was instantly captured and the inspiration behind the Kasmaran fragrance.

Prolonged explorations through magnificent gardens, coastal rich mountainous land and bucolic scenery were focal points of admiration. The Balinese people captivate with their warm hospitality, peaceful prayers and sacred offerings.

A land of rich culture and love, where a life changing moment and an everlasting spiritual journey was experienced, Kasmaran evolved.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Beso Del Mar


The Sea of Cortez’s infamous breathtaking views is elevated when paired with the warm dessert sand. The chill breeze in the air and fresh scents envelop the beautiful and captivating; Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico.  The “Windows to Paradise”…where a moment of contemplation of the mind, body and soul, is inevitable.

I spend my day relaxing by the seaside pool. Picturesque views and lovely authentic Mexican artistry surround me, my nose immediatly takes me to a perfectly crafted refresher with hints of pepper and lime…the perfect medley to set the theme.  As the sun sets, the daylight waned, the glow of the moon glistens on the rippling waters.  The desert sand cools and the flowers release their fragrances and create an aromatic veil in the air, under the night sky.  I clothe myself in a cashmere blanket, as the air cools and climb to the rooftop of my villa. White curtains billow like a ballet dancer, candles create an illuminating path appearing from the earth like a geyser of flames, the temptation grows stronger as it pulls you into the night.

Like a carefully orchestrated concert, my senses engage… and drop by drop I could feel, smell and nearly touch what would become “Kiss of the Sea”.

Marrakech, Morocco

Doux Amour


Marrakech, known for its opulent Palaces, Mosques and gardens, is embraced by silent villages, rambling streams, valleys and deserts of golden sand. The Arab-Moorish culture and its lavish fabrics, wines, spices and music, evoke a sensory splendor that pulsate my alchemist nature to spin a parfum for a goddess.

I start my expedition and travel by camel to remote villages through the mountains.  While absorbing the views and exotic scents, I make my way into less unknown paths, colorful flowers embrace these secret passages only known by locals. My Guide captures my attention with stories of family, history, love and Moroccan culture. Arriving in Jebel Toubkal, the most incredible sunset shows its face. There a local family invited us for a traditional Moroccan dinner, paired with delicious North African wine, laughter and more intriguing stories. The night ends with a moon light dance under the clear moonlight sky.

The incredible colors of the sunset, the kindness of the people, culture and and exotic land of this city enticed the goddess of all fragrances to be created.

Majorca, Spain

Noche Del Fuego


A night that will be forever etched in my memory and in my heart began at Castillo Son Vida, a former 13th Century Palace tucked in an ancient Mediterranean hillside in Majorca, Spain. The night had me at first sight. The majestic palace with lush gardens and impeccable views of the Balearic Sea set the scene for this sensual story.

My endogenous journey began one unforgettable evening while dining al fresco. I followed the sound of the beat of drums which introduced me to a handsome bronzed skinned Spaniard. Our eyes meet, he silently approaches, takes my hand and escorts me to the unknown, as my curiosity allows my submissive side to explore. My heart beats steady at the sound of every drum beat and at every step…as we get closer and closer to the pulsating beat. He methodically releases my hand and in an instant I am complaisant, now encircled, surrounded by many other Spaniards with long torches of fire, dancing to the beat of the drum in this sultry provacative fire dance. The vibration of the drum beat and the heat of the flame on my skin on this warm summer night, set chills of sensuality down my spine. The air filled with fireflies only adds to this bewitching moment…the night will never be the same.

I knew this moment would become an intoxicating aphrodisiac fragrance. Without a drop of shyness, I began creating a night of fire, drop by drop…with exotic oils to represent each and every moment of this seductive night. Noche Del Fuego is irresistible, spicy…a rare blend.

Taormina, Italy

Sole Nero


Settling in the village of Taormina east coast on the island of Sicily, I explore the cobblestone streets of Italy and walk through passages between medieval structures and nature reserves. The scent of the salty fresh air from the Mediterranean Sea filled the heavens. Around each corner, local merchants offer samples of succulent fruits and farm-grown organics that drip with flavor. The heat of the summer sun was relieved as we explore the seas through the evening hours on a beautiful yacht. Afar, on a rocky promontory high above sea, the view of Mount Etna framed our al-fresco family dinner. As time passes, Mount Etna whispers her powerful entity and emits a veil of black smoke that fills the sky above her, while the sunset filters through like sheer black lace, she slowly reveals her audacious side.

I knew at this very moment this would be a trip of family memories, Italian poetry and the making of a scent that would include fresh succulent citrus. Earth notes anchor what Mount Etna leaves to her gazers. Her base is filled with flowers and bees, where the sweetest honey is produced by local bee keepers. I could not resist the temptation of composing an inviting fragrance from this heartfelt island and immersing into its own uniqueness.

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